Water of Life

Malawi Fruits are delighted to have secured a grant from the Scottish Government for an exciting project for the Tapukwa community in the Henga Valley.

The Scottish Government Climate Justice Innovation Fund aims to bring lasting change to communities most affected by climate change and our “Water of Life” Project will achieve exactly that.  Starting in November 2017, we will work with the community for two years to bring some huge benefits:

  • 27 hectares of land will be irrigated and the farmers supported to grow cash crops to increase household incomes
  • A small hydro power plant will be installed on the river to provide affordable, accessible power to 87 households in the village.
  • A water purification system will be provided along with standpipes to bring safe drinking water close to people’s homes

The key component in all this is the irrigation and support to grow cash crops which provides smallholder farmers with a reliable income.  This then gives them the cash they need to pay for the irrigation, energy and water which they use which, in turn, makes the whole system sustainable in the long term.

This is an ambitious and innovative project, backed up by a £98,000 from the Scottish Government and we are really looking forward to working with the community to make such a difference.

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