Funded under the Scottish Government Climate Justice Innovation Fund, 2018-2020

Through this exciting project, Malawi Fruits has restored an irrigation scheme, installed a hydro electricity plant and provided clean, filtered drinking water for the community. 110 farmers are now accessing irrigation, growing cash crops and enjoying an 80% increase in household incomes. A total of 774 people in the village have been impacted and now have access to clean, safe drinking water. They also have access to electricity through charged household batteries, giving light and phone charging in their homes. With 57% of the population under 18 years of age, access to light for reading and schoolwork is a huge improvement.

The provision of a Community Resource Room with classroom, TV and PC’s with an array of software, has created a focal point for the village and for the young people in particular. They now have access to health, family planning and agriculture information which was simply unavailable to them before.

The beauty of this project, and the true innovation, has been around the model of incorporating the three elements of irrigation, renewable energy and clean water in one circular economy. The income generated through irrigated farming comes to the villagers who can then purchase water and power thus creating a fund for ongoing management and maintenance including battery replacement.