Paprika Project

Our Paprika Project began in 2013 when 47 farmers took part in a pilot programme growing paprika as a cash crop. We provided training and support; fertilizers and fungicides on a loan basis (to be repaid when the crop was sold); and, crucially, we found a good market for the crop! The market has been the missing link and by enabling the farmers to sell their crop we have helped them earn cash which can provide school fees and healthcare.

We are delighted that the Paprika Project has caught the attention of the Scottish Government and we currently have  a small grant which enabled us to support 200 farmers in the 2014/15 season; 488 in 2015/16 and will extend to 600 farmers in 2016/17. When you consider that every farmer has seven dependents on average, the impact of this project is huge – reaching 5,000 people by 2017!

The strength of the project is sustainability. Because we lend the farmers money for the farm inputs and then recover these loans at harvest time, we are then able to help another farmer the next year with the same money. In this way we can help farmers to get started and then they can stand on their own feet and have a small secure income for the foreseeable future.

Our partner in Malawi is Nyika Food Trust and the voluntary management committee there are doing a great job overseeing the Project. During 2016 we have diversified into Groundnuts and Sunflower – two crops with good markets and processing potential.

Look at our Blog for the latest news on this project.

Visit Nykia Food Trust here.

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