Current Projects

Inspiring Young Farmers

The population in Malawi is growing rapidly and farming needs to keep up to ensure that there is enough food to go around.  We believe that a Green Revolution is needed to inspire the next generation of farmers to develop their smallholdings and embrace the new technologies.

Through our Inspiring Young Farmers project we will work with young people in Northern Malawi to support them to get involved with modern farming methods rather than the subsistence farming which is the norm in Malawi.  Modern farming means:

  • Having access to irrigation to protect from the worst effects of climate change and grow two crops per year.
  • Having access to tractor and plough to take the back-breaking element out of the work and tackle child labour – currently the whole family gets involved in preparing the land for planting.
  • Having access to training and good quality inputs to grow cash crops as well as food.
  • Having access to a reliable market to buy the crop at a fair price.

Our vision, which is funded by the Scottish Government and our own fundraising,  is to work with at least 200 young farmers in 2018; 300 in 2019; and 400 by 2020.  The work has started already,  organising these young people into Young Farmers’ Clubs and developing a Youth Agriculture Forum.


Futurepump Initiative

We’ve teamed up with the innovative company Futurepump with the aim of getting these brilliantly simple solar pumps into the hands of young Malawian farmers – each pump can irrigate half an acre of ground, providing food security and a small cash crop for a family.

Water can be pumped from a borehole or a river and the pump is powerful enough to lift the water 6 metres before distributing it over the land. Malawi may be short of rainfall but there is no shortage of sunshine so the pump will run all day, bringing life-giving water to the crops.

Throughout 2018, we are bringing our Futurepump presentation to Churches, Guilds, Rotary Clubs, Probus Groups and schools with the aim of getting the a shipment of 50 pumps to Malawi in the Summer to add to the 25 pumps we sent in 2017. Update, thanks to recent funding we have purchased a container load of Futurepumps and these will be in Malawi in September/October 2018.


Tapukwa Project

In September 2017 the Scottish Government announced that we would receive a grant as part of the Climate Justice Innovation Challenge. This is great news for us but especially for the villages at Tapukwa.

The project has three elements:  a restored irrigation scheme enabling the farmers to earn a living from cash crops; a hydro power scheme to provide electricity for lighting in homes;  and a water purification scheme to provide standpipes giving clean water to the villages

We love the way this project makes use of the water in the river for all of this and with renewable energy, the community will literally have a brighter future!

Work has begun already and by the end of 2018 we expect to have the irrigation and water systems in place, with the renewable energy following in 2019.  Technical assistance is coming from John Littlejohn (ex Scottish Water) and from Strathclyde University who are supporting with the hydro part of the project.


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