The Directors of Malawi Fruits are from a variety of backgrounds including finance, research, manufacturing, business development, training, fundraising and the charitable sector.

Malawi Fruits arose out of the founders’ desire to express their Christian faith in very practical ways. The Church is very much at the heart of the community in Malawi, very often providing education and healthcare services to the local population, and Malawi Fruits is driven by a similar desire to bring help and hope to the communities we serve. It is about serving the whole population, regardless of faith or ethnicity.

The trustees of Malawi Fruits are Lorimer Gray, Alan Laverock, Russell Crawford, Jordan MacKellar and Eric Wagner. Kevin Simpson is Executive Director and we have an agriculture consultant who advices the trustees; Charlies Howie. Bill High is a director of MF Holdings, independent from Malawi Fruits.

Lorimer Gray, Chairman

Lorimer joined Malawi Fruits as Chairman at the beginning of 2015. Previously Lorimer was Executive Director of the Abernethy Trust and Chairman of More than Gold 2014. Lorimer brings a wealth of experience in leadership, strategic planning and developing non-profit organisations.




Kevin Simpson, Executive Director

Kevin co-founded Malawi Fruits in 2011 after visiting Malawi and seeing the need and possible solutions to address these needs. Kevin has more than 20 years experience working with non-profits including Crusaders, Glasgow Simon Community and Mission Aviation Fellowship. Kevin is also an entrepreneur and has run several successful companies.




Russell Crawford, Communications Director

Russell joined Malawi Fruits in 2012. Russell is a general manager and previously worked as a business development manager. At Malawi Fruits Russell takes the lead in organising our social media and presenting at talks to educate and inform groups of the work of Malawi Fruits and how we are addressing the many needs in Malawi.




Jordan MacKellar

Jordan joined Malawi Fruits in 2013. Jordan is an entrepreneur and co-founder of an award winning electronics company. Jordans insights and entrepreneurial thinking are valuable assets when working with the fledgling business in Malawi.





Eric Wagner

Eric joined Malawi Fruits in 2011. Eric worked for 20 years as a research scientist before moving into industry and developing industrial process and quality control systems. Recently he has founded a contract manufacturing organisation. Eric brings an understanding of process control and quality control to the crop processing facilities we are developing.




Charles Howie, Agricultural Consultant

Charles joined Malawi Fruits as a consultant in 2015. Charles brings a wealth of experience in Rural Development, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security from areas as varied as the Antarctic to Vietnam. Charles guides and advises our discussions on projects then asks critical questions to ensure we have considered everything.




Bill High, Director Malawi Fruits Holdings

Bill joined as a Director of Malawi Fruits Holdings. Until recently Bill was the  Commercial Installations Manager for Scotland.  He has a considerable breadth of experience in many branches of engineering. During his career, Bill has worked both with and for businesses of all sizes in both the private and public sector, and has a strong and successful  background in sales and marketing. Bill has considerable experience and training in project management and health & safety.