We were thrilled in January to receive support from the Government of Guernsey for a brand new project specifically to help women in Malawi.  Our Greenhouse Project will provide plastic covered greenhouses to enable women to grow tomatoes for a local processing factory.  There are some great benefits which will come from this:

  • Women don’t have land rights in Malawi so rarely benefit financially from farming.  By growing tomatoes in sacks, the greenhouse can be placed on non-farm land.
  • The greenhouses will be adjacent to the family home, allowing women to manage the crop alongside household and childcare tasks.
  • Tomatoes will be grown throughout the year, giving a steady income.
  • Growing in greenhouses increases the quality and quantity of tomatoes by reducing insect and fungal attacks on the fruit.

The support from Guernsey will allow us to erect 70 greenhouses which will be owned by 210 women in total, and so will increase incomes in all those households.